Creating resilient learners and leaders who will emerge with influence in their future pursuits.



    We teach the process of learning is as critical as the information learned. Organization, proper study habits, and effective time management are essential to academic excellence.


    We teach every student must first learn to lead themselves. Develop ownership of their time, their habits, and their character.


    We teach the importance of developing a great work ethic, a growth mindset, and a problem solving perspective.


    We teach the significance of displaying strong interpersonal skills. Growing the ability to listen, speak, and communicate effectively with self awareness.


    We teach the principles of Christ and building personal values such as self-discipline, integrity, and selflessness. 


    We teach EVERY student has the capacity to be great. Designed with a purpose and a unique ability to positively influence those around them. 


     Mayer Christian Schools begins at the grades of 7th-8th at MCS Middle. Here we instill the value of the academic process, such as organization, responsibility, time management, and study skills. MCS High teaches students in grades 9th-10th, and was created in 2012 to further develop the student's skills and knowledge, while also constructing their potential as emerging leaders.