All returning students need to download the Re-Enroll Admission Form & Re-Enroll Health History form from the website.  For every current student who is attending this school year that you wish to enroll for 2018-2019, enter their name(s) in the first section of the Re-Enroll Form.  Whether you are re-enrolling 1,2, or 3 students for next year, all their names go there.  If you are also enrolling a new student(such as a new preschool student), you need to fill out the New Student Form for that student as well.  Fill out the rest of the form including the Financial Agreement section & Field Trip Consent.  Also fill out the Re-Enroll Health History Form for each student to maintain accurate records of your student.  Bring your completed Re-Enroll Forms to registration, February 13th, with registration payment to enroll your students.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact the front office.