• Educational Philosophy


    Education is much more than a classroom, school supplies, playgrounds, and a good teacher. The educational philosophy of the Phonics Phactory is based on participation in a student’s life from three sources: the school, the parents, and the church. In a three-day-a-week class schedule, all three areas are necessary for a student to learn how to be successful.

    At school, emphasis is given to learning study habits and self-discipline. Under the Phonics Phactory’s program, the elementary and middle school student will be involved eighteen hours/week in coordinated class time. Coupled with homework days, every student can learn to read, spell, compute, understand science, appreciate literature and learn from history. And in the event that a child requires more time to comprehend a certain subject, time is available in the classroom and at home to work through the difficulty. In addition, a three-day-a-week class schedule allows students to have optional time to spend in areas of specialization and creative interest (including sports and music lessons) on Fridays and Mondays.

    Parents are the chief educators of their children. They provide motivation and consequences so that discipline can be learned. To that end, the Phonics Phactory will keep parents informed weekly, instruct them in how to support their student, and guide them in helping educate their student at home part-time. Provided in the tuition fee is a Parent's Curriculum to guide the student in the hours spent at home. To encourage parents, The Parent Resource Group meets monthly to bring parents together for specialized topics of instruction and service.

    The church will be counted on for the major source of socialization and religious training. We encourage attendance at a children’s or youth group event weekly. As a Christian school, it is our goal to support and enforce the teachings of Christ through the church. Every class is started with prayer.

    In addition to core curriculum classes, the Phonics Phactory provides OPTIONAL ELECTIVES to pursue other specialized academic pursuits.